Barnes Junior School

Proud to learn, proud to achieve

Barnes Behaviour Rules

We have started the new year with a renewed focus on behaviour in school. Last week we talked about 3 golden rules in our school:

Be Safe

Be Ready

Be Respectful

It is so much easier to remember 3 very simple, positive rules than 10-15 complicated negative rules, and most school rules will fit under one of those three categories.

We have high expectations of the behaviour of our children, and this is regularly commented on by visitors, and when the children are on school trips.


One of our Year 3 teachers wrote a poem which was read out in assembly:-

  • A is always be ready to learn. On your seat, eyes front and ears listening.
  • B is for being your very best self. It’s not about others so just try your best.
  • C is for calm and collected in school. Focused in lessons and following rules.
  • D is for demonstrating respect. To your peers, teachers and classroom and especially yourself.
  • E is for excellence towards which we must strive. Put your best foot forward and you will thrive.
  • F is fair treatment for all. Opportunities for everyone to help us all grow.
  • G is for greetings to welcome us all. But how many ways can we say hello?
  • H is for honesty and speaking the truth. Never lying to others, to yourself stay true.
  • I is for integrity which we now know, is being honest about things when no-one else knows.
  • J is for Joyful coming into school. Enjoying our time together because learning is cool.
  • K is for kindness in the actions you show. Share your things, listen well and hold the door.
  • L is for Lend a hand to everyone you meet. Those people support you so you should be sweet.
  • M is for manners that you must remember to say. Use your pleases and thank-yous each and every day.
  • N is for never give up even when it’s hard. Tomorrow is a new day, it’s a fresh start.
  • O is for optimism, open your mind. In times of change, some good you will find.
  • P is for positive behaviours each day. Earning our dojos in work and in play.
  • Q is for quiet and knowing just when to listen to others before speaking again.
  • R is for rules that we must follow to keep us all safe today and tomorrow.
  • S is for sharing and taking your turn. This is a simple rule that we all must learn.
  • T is for thinking and taking a moment out. To think about what your actions are all about.
  • U is for understanding other people in school. Forgiving one another and not judging too soon.
  • V is for victorious which is what we must be. When adapting our behaviour to act respectfully.
  • W is for wise, gaining knowledge together. When we are ready to learn we’ll know it forever.
  • X is for excitement for each new day. Ready, safe, respectful finding your way.
  • Y is for yourself, the person in charge. Show your best behaviour, come on you’re a star.
  • Z is for zooming towards an even better school. Where everyone is ready, safe, respectful following rules.